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Below is a short video showcasing the app

Below is a white board explainer video of the app for perhaps the home page of the site, Instagram targeting the client emails and maybe the residential page on the site. let me know your thoughts. 

Here is the first copy of the Watermill Video for youtube. We can add still shots or change it up as needed. Let me know your thoughts. 

Below is a video for residential sign up in the Hamptons. it is not done. I have to remvoe the black frame. Also, we can add a few still shots or even part of the opening video on Mattituck's website where the drone is hovering over the American flag looking down on the recycling facility, when the script references the recycling facility. Let me know if im on track, and how you want it finished. 

This is the residential video for the hamptons, which will be used on the website and for one of the youtube ads. She mispronounced curb as curve and is editing it today. 

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